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There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt.

Yay! I actually slept last night, so I was able to draw something that didn't involve the 'OnO' face!

Okay, I don't really know what I'm supposed to include with this so;
Inspired by:
Band: Radiohead
Song: Pyramid Song

8D;; I decided to listen to Amnesiac today, 'coz I haven't listened to it since I bought it. I never really gave it a chance, which was horrible of me, so I've gone and done so now. And I'm glad I did~

Anyway, this was inspired by the lyrics 'I jumped in the river and what did I see?/ black-eyed angels swimming with me/a moon full of stars and astral cars'. For anyone here who doesn't know me, I have some major 'include-stars-in-everything' issues, so I couldn't resist. *_*;; Being a moron, I've had PainterClassic for 3 years and have just discovered that 'Oh man, you can change the opacity on pen tools!' so I thinned down my good ol' Fine Point and messed around to make this.

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